• comprehensive solution

      • noninvasive

      • accurate

      • safe

      • easy-to-use

      • inexpensive

  • CA3.1 overview

    • chest module

      • Audio sensor detects heart sounds and murmurs
      • Unique disposable attachment mechanism for easy placement and use of sensor
    • main module

      • Pneumatic pump and pressure sensor
      • Rechargeable battery and power management
      • Controller and processing unit with AI algorithm
      • Capacitive touch screen to operate device
      • arm module

        • Touch sensor with a simple easy-to-use attachment mechanism
        • Standard pressure cuff
        • Sensor and cuff are placed on the left arm to detect Korotkoff sounds
      • how it works

          • step 1: rechargeable, automated & modular

            • Rechargeable battery good for 200 measurements
            • Self-test prevents inaccurate measurements
            • Device can also be mounted on regular hospital trolley (VESA)
      • CA3.1 clinical validation

        • CA3.1 Achieved a correlation greater than 0.9 with an invasive measurement

          CorAlert is testing its Beta model in multi-centered clinical trial, currently the trial has begun at a center in Israel and soon a second center in the US will open. The trial compares LVEDP measured by an invasive method (the insertion of a fluid filled catheter to the left ventricle during cathetarization) to LVEDP measured by the CA3.1 minutes prior to the invasive procedure. The results thus far have been very promising - a correlation greater than 0.9 with a P value less than 0.00013

            CA3.1 LVEDP
            INVASIVE LVEDP
        • what is heart failure?

          • The term "heart failure" (HF) doesn't mean that your heart has stopped or is about to stop working. Heart failure is a condition in which the heart can't pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. The causes of heart failure include ischemic heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions or diseases. HF is a serious condition that requires medical care.

            Over time, the heart weakens and isn’t able to fill with or pump blood as well as it should. As the heart weakens, certain proteins and substances may be released into the blood, which have a toxic effect on the heart and blood flow -- and worsen HF.

          • Heart failure in numbers

            • united states

              • > 6million patients
              • > 3million admissions
              • ~40billion annual costs
              • 43%of medicare spending
            • global

              • ~27million patients
              • ~4%of hospital admissions
              • ~3%of medical expenditures
          • challenge

            • early detection can prevent hospitalization and critical condition

              • The detection of congestion in patients suffering from heart failure is crucial and can reduce the number of hospitalizations considerably. Changes in LVEDP suggesting an impending exacerbation of the condition of the patient that may lead to hospitalization occur before changes in other symptoms such as impedance or weight. Early detection of such changes will allow physicians the opportunity to adjust treatment and influence decision making in a manner which will improve patient outcome. CorAlert's CA3.1 is able to detect changes in Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure (LVEDP) in an easy-to-use, noninvasive way, at point of care.

              • point of care

                  • emergency room
                  • intensive care
                  • home care
              • what is lvedp?

                • Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure (LVEDP), or filling pressure, is the pressure in the left ventricle after it has rested and filled with blood -- and just before it begins a new contraction. LVEDP is a recognized predictor of hospitalization related to heart failure (HF). Up to now, unfortunately, it can only be measured by invasive methods.

                  The ability to measure LVEDP both in the hospital and at home will dramatically transform the management of HF, improving quality of life and survival rates

                • about us


                  • Amir Marmor

                    Founder and CEO

                    Software engineer & algorithm developer

                    team leader

                    • Prof. Alon Marmor

                      Founder and CMO

                      Professor of cardiology, Bar-Ilan University, Former Head of Cardiology Sieff Medical Center

                      • Gal Menaged

                        VP Bus Dev

                        Owner and Investor - Endimo Group
                        and Prodac Systems

                        • Rotem Arad

                          Bus Dev, Sales and Marketing

                          Owner - Micro BVM Ltd., develops and produces emergency medical devices

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                              • Chongqing-Medical-University-Circle Innovation Ecosystem & International Advanced Medical Technology Innovation Summit
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                        • Chongqing-Medical-University-Circle Innovation Ecosystem & International Advanced Medical Technology Innovation Summit

                          • April, 2019

                            Chongquing, China

                            CorAlert had the pleasure to participate in the International Advanced Medical Technology Innovation Summit

                            Amir our CEO presented our technology in the road show

                          • Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Global Challenge

                            • March, 2019

                              Le CENTQUATRE, Paris

                              CorAlert was chosen as on of 500 companies ot of 3,500 applicants to attend the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Global Challenge Summit

                              CorAlert was also chosen as one of a 100 companies to present their technology during the Summit in a booth

                            • Giant Health Event

                              • November, 2018

                                Stamford Bridge, London

                                Amir our CEO and Gal our VP Biz-Dev showing our device in the impressive Giant Health Event

                              • Iot Accleration Lab challenge

                                • October, 2018

                                  CEATEC Makuhari Messe, Japan

                                  CorAlert won along with 11 other israeli start-ups the Iot acceleration lab challenge

                                  We had the amazing opportunity to set up a booth in the incredible CEATEC exhbition in Makuhari Messe

                                • Hunan-Israel Innovation Technology Symposium

                                  • June, 2018

                                    Changsha, China

                                    CorAlert had the pleasure to participate in the 1st Israel-Hunan matchmaking summit

                                    Amir our CEO presented our technology in the road show